EdTech MASSGraphics is intended for simultaneous processing of images in great numbers. It boasts a wide variety of image editing tools including resizing, rotation, cropping, adding watermarks and captions, that can be performed on multiple files. Also, MASSGraphics allows you to convert any number of images from more then 10 image formats and organize them in HTML galleries.

Key features:

  • Easy interface. There is no scripting language, MASSGraphics is user-friendly and you will find that most of its features are logically grouped into multiple wizard-like pages. If you do not require a certain feature, just leave the default value in a parameter and it will suit for your needs most likely.
  • Excellent processing speed. MASSGraphics is capable of processing a hundred images per minute.
  • Automated creation of HTML galleries. This feature allows you to share your images by posting them at Internet. You do not need to understand HTML to use it
  • Saving and loading of projects. Web designers often get bogged down in repetitive tasks, such as resizing images to fit certain constraints. Part of the power of MASSGraphics is its capability to save and load action patterns.
  • Windows XP and Windows.NET compatibility takes advantage of latest operating systems.

MASSGraphics is an ideal application for photographers, web designers and artists.

EdTech MASSGraphics has received numerous awards from independent software sites.
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