Frequently asked questions.

This is a partial list of questions most often asked by people who have had problems or just want more information.


Q: What platforms (OSes) does MASSGraphics support?

A:MASSGraphics currently supports all versions of Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows.NET 2003. It doesn't support Windows 3.x or Windows NT 3.51 and will not run under Linux, BeOS, or any other operating system.


Q: What browsers can read HTML galleries, created by MASSGraphics?

A: So far HTML galleries were tested in Microsoft Internet Explorer (v.3.0-6.0), Netscape, NeoPlanet and Opera.


Q: I have a good idea for a new features in MASSGraphics. What should I do?

A: Post the information, with relevant details to the Online Forum or mail it to and we'll try to realize this features.


Q: How can I view initial image?

A: You can double-click on this image or select it in the Image List and click the View one button.


Q: How can I convert my images from the XXX format to the YYY format?

A: Load your images in the Image List, leave the default values in all parameters, choose destination folder and output format, then click the Process button.


Q: How can I set all fields to default values?

A: Just click the New project button on toolbar.


Q: How can I create HTML gallery during one minute?

A: Just load images to the Image List, select destination folder, enter a gallery name then click the Process button.


Q: How can I create HTML file list of processed images?

A: Select the following items in the HTML settings frame:

  • Design type field set at 'One image per line'
  • Hyperlinks to field set as 'Do not hyperlink'
  • Uncheck the 'include thumbnails' check box and check the 'include file date' and 'include file size' check boxes.
  • Do not forget check the Create HTML gallery check box.


Q: How to process one image from the Image List?

A: Select this image, then click the Preview button on toolbar. You can save it to disk or copy to the clipboard from viewer window.


Q: Where can I find the latest MASSGraphics version?

A: You can download the latest version of MASSGraphics from our web-site:


Q: Is there a place where I can talk to others about MASSGraphics?

A: Yes, the EdTech Online Forum is the right place for this


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