EdTech MASSGraphics is a shareware program.

The unregistered version of EdTech MASSGraphics is fully functional. However, it can be used during 30 days after installation.

Registration fee is $24.95 only!

You can register on-line, using fax, toll-free phone, by check, cash or bank/wire transfer.

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On payment approval, we'll send you the registration key, which will remove the nag screen in EdTech MASSGraphics. You will also receive email based technical support and free accessed to all minor updates and bug fixes. Minor updates are defined as Point updates (ie v2.0 to 2.9). All major updates (ie 2.x to 3.x) would not be provided free but would be offered at a deep discounted price. However upgrades are not compulsory and you would not need to do so if the current version meets your needs.

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